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The motorcycles with highest accident rate in Spain
The motorcycles with highest accident rate in Spain

The data on accident rates continue to worry and a lot. The accident rate of motorcycles in our country has risen more than 30% in the last years according to the data reflected by the government.

If you were asked about the profile of the bikers that suffer the most accidents, there is a good change that you are not right, or not in all its variables. It is common to associate the accidents with the youngest ones or with the motorcycles with the greatest engine capacity and higher velocities. However, according to the study of Accidentalidad y Tribus Moteras, elaborated by the Línea Directa Foundation, we see that this changes.

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The scooter ranked number one in the accident ranking.

The profile of the bikers who suffer the most accidents in our country are male over 35 who drive a scooter around the city. The scooters leads the ranking of motorcycles with the higher accident rate of 23,5% of accidents, followed by road motorcycles and customs.

“The scooter is a very popular motorcycle in large urban centers, which is used to move in a practical and efficient way because of the advantages it has to offer, such as driving 125 cc ones with a B license, its ease of parking or the possibility of driving through the bust lane. Therefore, it is not surprising that the profile of the bikers who suffer more accidents in Spain is more related to a city professional that uses the two-wheeled vehicle like this one to commute to wrok, rather than with a young person in a sporty motorcycle”

It is according to Francisco Valencia, general director of the Línea Directa Foundation.


The ranking

To carry out the classification, the study analyzed the data according to the model of motorcycle and use, differentiating 5 large groups:

  • Urban: Motorcycle scooter drivers who live in urban centers and choose this type of motorcycle for its efficient and practical use
  • Road: Bikers who drive two-wheeled vehicles with high engine power who choose these motorcycles because of their comfort, since they are designed to perform long trips.
  • Custom: Bikers who personalize their bikes according to their personal taste. The users of these bikes feel attracted for the aesthetics of the more classical bikes, such as Harleys.
  • Sporty: sporty motorcycles, more aggressive and designed to reach high velocities. Driven by bikers who require great ability in the saddle.
  • Camp: Its drivers use it outside of the road, in rural areas, away from the big cities, since they are more suitable to be used by open fiels and not in the asphalt.

On the other hand, as for the bikers, the data also attracs attention. By sex: the data also reveals that 9 out of 10 injured bikers are men. By age: most accidents affect drivers between 35 and 45 years old.

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The use of the helmet and other security devices marks the difference

Wearing or not a helmet or other security devices like our LiveLink eCall, are on many occasions, the difference between life or death.

According to the Road Safety Manual for political and professional leaders “Casco” of the World Health Organization, three out of four bikers die as a result of head injuries. In addition, the risk of suffering a brain injury is multiplied by three, if the driver or passenger of the biker is not wearing the helmet on and the probability of leaving unharmed of the accident increases 20% if the helmet is used. Similarly, 30% of deaths could have been prevented with rapid health care.

For all this, a good helmet and a safety device for emergencies must be the essential accessories for your motorcycle.


To learn more about devices like this, take a look at our previous post: eCall, the new essential device

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